Adams Gutter Repair – Basics

26 May 0

DIY gutter repairs are certainly a good idea. It is not that hard to repair most types of damage in drain channels. At the same time, you will save considerably as you will have to pay only for the materials that you will be using. Use this guide to learn how to repair holes in gutter railing easily, quickly and effectively.

The materials you need to make these types of gutter repairs include roofing cement and sheet metal (flashing). The tools which are required include a wire brush, sandpaper, a knife and a tool for applying the cement, preferably a trowel.

Clean the hole in the gutter railing first. It must be free of any debris, so you may want to clean the entire drain channel using a proper cleaner. In this way, you will have a clean surface area which will allow you to repair the hole more easily.Gutter Cleaning Company Adams is an excellent resource for this.

It is a good idea to focus the water or air flow of the cleaner into the hole to ensure that even the tiniest debris particles are removed. If you are using water cleaner, you must let the hole and the surrounding area dry completely before starting the filling procedure.

Use the wire brush to remove any particles that remain stuck to the surface. Just be careful not to damage the surface around the hole and make the problem worse. Clean all sides of the hole carefully.

Use the sandpaper to remove any loose particles from the hole. It is important for the surface to be properly prepared for these types of gutter repairs.

Mix the roofing cement in line with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Then apply the cement to the hole. Small holes will require only cement filling. Use the trowel to apply a thick layer of cement that fills the hole. Ensure that there are 3 to 4 inches of the material around the hole. In this way, the elements will not be able to affect the core filling and it will be protected from loosening and falling.


Apply sheet metal to fix larger holes. After applying a sufficiently thick layer of the cement, you need to add a piece of flashing that will cover the hole. Make sure that you have cut the piece with the right size in advance. Apply the flashing and press it down so that it sticks to the cement appropriately. Then apply another level of cement to cover the piece and smooth it out.