Bay Window Curtain Poles

19 February 0

Bay windows have been with us for a long time. They were designed to allow maximum space in what were often very small rooms and allow for maximum light to flood into a room. They allow for more room and light. They also add heaps of character to a home and a houses appearance is often drastically improved by the contours and shaping that a bay window can bring to a property. Because of this many people have bay windows. Many people have purchased houses that already include bay windows while other people like the look so much that they actually opt to have them built into the property.

There are few cons to a bay window. Everything a bay window does is positive. Curtains are the main problem. Firstly, they can often require larger size curtains that regularly have to be specially ordered and created which can cost a lot more money than standard sized curtains. The main problem is getting the correct pole shape. It is true to say that some people opt to simply have a standard straight pole across the alcove where the bay window sits. This loses you the illusion of extra space though. This means that closing the curtains in this manner can often suddenly make the room feel a lot smaller. It is therefore always really advised that you choose a bay window curtain pole that actually follows the angle and shape of the window. This maintains all the benefits a bay window brings. It also looks a lot more pleasing to the eye and maintains the shape and character that the bay window has on the interior of the room.find more here

Because the curtains are following a path that is not completely straight, it is always advised that you purchase bay window curtain poles that work with gliders. These gliders allow the curtain to easily travel around the angles of the window. This helps provide a much smoother action.

It is also important to have heavy, well-fitted fixing. The fittings are under more stress due to the shape of the pole. If they are not strong enough or not fitted properly then they will quickly come away from the wall. This can damage the bay window curtain poles, the curtains or even your wall.

It is much more decorative to have fitted poles that follow the shape of your bay window. Always measure very carefully for best results. If you feel you are not up to this, always get a professional in. Incorrect measurements, even by just a few millimetres, can lead to extra friction or sticking points. It is these sticking points that can cause problems over a period of time. It can quickly cause annoyance when opening the curtains.