Custom Post and Beam Log Homes

07 June 0

Post and beam style construction uses either large round logs, or large squared timbers to form the load bearing framework of the building. It is common for posts and beams to be large enough to show on both the outside and inside of the building. Conventionally framed walls fill in the spaces between posts. the blog has some nice tips on this.

To envision a post and beam home, just imagine a handcrafted log home that has had its walls replaced by vertical posts properly spaced. Log joists to support upper floors and log post and purlin roof systems often remain as in the handcrafted log home style.

Post and beam log homes are an excellent option for those that want to experience the environment of large logs or timbers, but feel like a handcrafted log house is “too much wood”. Post and beam is a style that liberates us to consider a variety of choices. Logs can retain their natural shape….right down to the flared butts on the post bottoms. Logs and timbers can be of extremely large diameter. Squared timbers can be mixed with round logs for a variety of looks. You can see photographs of these beautiful post and beam log homes on our website.

Post and beam homes continue to increase in popularity and continue to intrigue designers of handcrafted log homes. As in modern timber frame home design, logs can be added or removed to match the spending plan. See our selection of custom post and beam log home plans and choose the one of your choice.