Different Kinds Of Tree Services

08 July 0

Most people think that a tree service offers only one service and that is to keep your trees well groomed or neat by trimming the leaves to your desired shape. What they don’t know that this kind of service can be broken down to other services. Here are the different kinds of tree services:

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Landscaping involves creating beautiful scenery out of your trees and backyard. Service providers can help you plan a landscape that would suit your trees as well as implement the necessary renovations needed. Though this is not as common as the other services, it is still considered as one part of it.

-Tree Removal

Tree removal is another service which removes trees from your backyard because of a variety of reasons. Your tree can either be dead or it causes a lot of problem for the public and hence needs to be removed. Another service that can be used in conjunction with removal is the process of removing your tree from one part of your property. It is much more expensive than tree removal but you get to keep your tree instead of completely removing it.a tour to pinecrest gardens in Miami by Malimish.com is one of the authority sites on this topic.

-Bracing and Cabling

This is a common service when you are living in those areas that get hit very often by natural disasters. Cabling and bracing provides support to the trees by using large high quality steel wires. It can support the growth of them as well as provide additional safety in case some branches fall down.

-Branch Removal

Branch removal or also known as pruning is the process of removing dead or unwanted branches. This is often done to prevent any accidents of falling branches and allows the tree to grow healthy.

-Pest Control

There are some instances that certain insects take over your trees causing them to die. Tree service providers also offer pest control which starts by identifying what insects or pest is causing the problem and taking immediate actions before serious damage has been done to your trees.

-Tree Identification

If you don’t know what kind of tree is growing in your yard and how to take care of it, it would be best to call a service provider to help you identify it. Companies offering this kind of service often have a licensed arborists which can help identify what trees you have in your home as well as how to take care of them.