DUI Personal Injury

16 January 0

No matter what the cause of car accident injuries is, personal injuries caused due to such accidents are very fatal and life threating. Wrongful death is also the end result of the negligence of the opponent driver. DUI refers to driving under influence. This could be any kind of influence, drug, alcohol or state of the body after taking medicines.

Personal Injury Attorneys often come across cases when the opponent driver is under very low-level consumption of alcohol but still get distracted and this minor distraction caused the accident. Both, tangible and intangible damages make the victim suffer a lot. Loss of wages during the course of the accident, loss of job, inability to join somewhere again, property damage and bodily injuries along and so on are the possible outcomes of a car accident.

What does the Law state about DUI?

In most states of US, if the driver is driving the vehicle with the blood-alcohol level above 0.08, it will be considered as illegal. They are prone to be charged with a felony of ‘vehicular homicide’. There is ‘social host’ liability law for those who are selling or furnishing alcoholic beverages to any person who is below the age of 21 or is their regular customer as a habitual drunk person. If any of these two cases are applicable then the person who sold alcohol to the opponent is also considered as a responsible party for causing the accident. You have no way but to approach an expert Personal Injury Lawyer immediately.

Why are Drink & Drive Accidents Fatal?

It is hard to predict the situation of an accident but more commonly, the driver is not in a condition to make a decision because of the absence of mind at the very moment. The delay caused by the driver in hitting break or absentmindedness at cross-roads will ultimately lead to road crash even if the other party is driving safe. The abnormality of the drunk driver puts other drivers on road in danger. As long as the driver is under the influence of alcohol or any drug, following symptoms will manifest within him:

-Indecisiveness of driving and Dysphoria

-Physical Control gets Impaired

-Total Blackout and Lack of Physical Control

-Condition of Respiratory Arrest

-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sufferings

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is conditioned after witnessing the severe impact of drink and drive accident. This PTSD mentally affects the condition of a plaintiff and the resultant effects are nightmares, sleeplessness, anxiety and returning back to normal routine. It takes at least one month in subsiding the scary feelings of the car accident injuries. Following symptoms are observed for this kind of accident:

-Recalling Bad Memories

-Reliving the happening through nightmares

-Getting afraid of taking the same way towards destination where accident occurred and avoiding every such situation which makes the victim recall the accident

-Behavior starts reflecting negative attitude

-Increased anger and irritability

-Adopting unhealthy habits like increased use of drugs and alcohol

The effects of PTSD differ from accident to accident. It is not necessary that only driver suffers from it, even other passengers of the vehicle – children might also suffer from it. For instance, if you have suffered in an upturned car after the accident for at least an hour, you will naturally get threatened.

How to get compensation for personal injuries due to drink and drive accident?

There are provisions for getting compensations for both economic and non-economic damages. So if you are suffering from any car accident injuries or any kind of road crashes, don’t delay in claiming the personal and property damage and injuries. Approach the expert Personal Injury Attorneys firm who can provide you with every respective lawyer available to them.