Eligible Candidate For Dental Implants

03 February 0

Dental implants are replacement teeth that are installed into your mouth using a surgical procedure that places a portion of the dental implants in close proximity of your jaw bone. Not all people who have missing teeth are good candidates for dental implants and you must see a dental implants dentist to determine your eligibility for the procedure. A dental implants dentist will need to examine your mouth and take x-rays before they can determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. If you do not have enough jaw bone density to place the titanium rod beside then the chances of the titanium rod fusing to your jawbone so that it can hold the replacement teeth securely will be slim to none. You cannot know if you have the proper amount of jawbone density without seeing the dentist for testing. the full article

The dental implants dentist will instruct you on what other medical conditions might cause you to have a higher chance of implantation failure. People who have severe gum diseases may not be good candidates for this type of replacement teeth. The dentist may have to give you medications to cure the problem with your gums before they can perform the implantation procedure. People who have diabetes may not be good candidates for this procedure. The medical condition of diabetes has a side effect that causes the people afflicted with it to heal very slowly. The dentist may be reluctant to make the incision necessary in the mouth of an individual with diabetes. People who take certain heart medications may not be considered good candidates for these procedures. Many people who have heart conditions have to take a daily blood thinner and cannot skip a day of taking this medication. These blood thinners allow the blood to flow through the narrowed arteries of the patient, but they also cause the patient to bleed severely when they have minor cuts. This increase in the possibility of severe bleeding may cause the dentist to not want to make the incision needed to implant the titanium rod.

People with a condition known as Tori may not be good candidates for this procedure. Tori is an excessive bone growth that is usually caused by the individual grinding their teeth. If you grind your teeth you could dislodge the titanium rod and cause the procedure to fail. People who are smokers may be told that they will need to stop smoking before the dentist will perform the surgical procedure. Smoking restricts your blood vessels and makes you more susceptible to complications. The act of smoking can also cause you to move the titanium rod once it has been put into place. Smokers may be cautioned against the procedure until they have quit the habit. People with high blood pressure may not be good candidates for the procedure. When people are at the dentist, or doctor, their blood pressure readings tend to elevate. If you already have a history of high blood pressure the dentist may feel that you are at too great a risk of having a heart attack or stroke.