How To Train Your Dog-Tips & Guide

23 May 0

Every owner wants to give training to his dog. But it is not as simple as it looks like. To train a dog, one should have a great patient and knowledge about how to train a dog. Normally you can see that puppies are habitual of biting and grabbing each other by their mouths. The very first thing you have to teach your dog is that human skin is more sensitive than a puppies or a doggie skin and his habit of biting hurts you. Although a puppy biting is not so harmful but a adult can cause a severe damage when it bites. For this, what you have to do is that whenever your puppy tries to touch you with its teeth, in harsh tone say “OUCH”. It will show to your puppy that it will hurt you. Also you have to teach your puppy that “OFF” means not to touch. For this every time when you give meals to your puppy, do the following process for at least 5 minutes:

Hold some dry food in your hand, say “Take it” with love and give a piece of food to your puppy. In the mean time hide rest of the food in your hand and say “Off” with a lovely voice. If your puppy has not touched your hand for next 5 seconds then say “Take it” and give him a piece of food again. Do like this daily for 5 to 10 minutes. It will also help to stop your dog from mouthing.check here

The most important thing you should do to civilize your dog is:

  1. Always REWARD your dog whenever it will do something, which you expect from him. By doing this the result is that your dog will continue to do that thing.
  2. Never REWARD it for what you don’t want from it to do.

But always remember that a reward for a dog is different from the reward for a person. As a reward, give it something what it likes. For example: Freedom, Food, Ball, which your dog likes most.

Sometimes punishment is also necessary, but it should be very rare. Punishment should be given to it only for “Anti-Social” behavior. As a punishment you can hit your dog or do something what the dog doesn’t like. For example: ignore it for some time etc. This will help you to train your dog very much.

Dogs like to listen their name in your talks. So use its name when you want to call it. Or if you want to give it snacks or food, use your dog’s name instead of saying “Snacks” etc. It will also help you to call it back. You should give around one hour to train your dog. It should be five to ten minutes at a time and two to three times per day. So that it will be habitual of those things which you want to teach your dog