Keeping an Emergency Kit in Your Car

16 January 0
2003 Ford Taurus Safety Kit

You never know when you will encounter or experience an emergency and keeping an emergency kit in your car is a great way to prepare. The idea is to spend a bit of time and money upfront to make sure that if you do have an emergency, it’s as low-stress and safe as possible. The contents of what you should keep in your car will vary by your driving habits and where you live. Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure that you have a spare tire and that it has enough air in it. Road flares are also a good thing to have, and can help keep you safe in any situation that leaves your vehicle in a potentially dangerous position. If you drive in potentially snowy or icy conditions, keeping a set of chains is a great idea. Don’t let them be on a shelf at home for the time that you need them right away unexpectedly! If you drive in snowy conditions in less populated areas, you may need to spend a night in your car in the worst possible conditions. You can make this less nightmarish by keeping some nonperishable food and a warm blanket in your car. Our website provides info about  what supplies should you have in case of an emergency on the road

Another good idea is to keep a disposable camera in your car. This is very useful in the case that you are involved in an accident, especially if it was not your fault. This will allow you to capture the circumstances and outcome of the accident in a physical way that is much better than the he-said-she-said outcome of many car accidents.