Live Answering Services: What’s True and What’s Not

06 May 0

Be it about wedding or launching a new business, about death or personal habits, myths have been circulating around a person’s life. And there has been damages made by believing to these deceptions. The business industry is also surrounded with false beliefs even reaching to inbound call centers. Adhering to such deceits lead companies either to failures or to an impeded growth and development. Therefore, it would do good for firms to rein in such bogus for their own sake.

For inbound contact centers, myths have caused so much trouble. Some business organizations feel reluctant to outsource services. Others are blinded by the belief that cheaper is better. Either way, these perceptions should be clarified and corrected.Find additional information at Live Answering Service in Riverside.

MYTH #1. Contact centers are costly.
It is agreeable that companies perform actions to cut its costs, or in other words to achieve efficiency. After all, the two of the three major objectives of any firm are to minimize expenses and to maximize profits. However, would it really hurt for them to appropriate a small fund for a better and more effective customer service and lead generation?

More often than not, businessmen argue that contracting a third party to provide a live answering service is more expensive than employing one. They didn’t know that there was a catch: they are wrong. Hiring and training new employees to be live operators in an answering service is more costly. Figures speak for itself. When a firm partnered with an inbound call center, payment is fixed not per employee but the whole services as one. If it is in-house, different installations are required, overhead costs such as for labor and utilities, are to be burdened regularly.

No decision-maker will trade customer satisfaction for cost reduction.

MYTH # 2. Live answering service is only for doctors.
This statement is made up of half-truth and half-lie. It is true that professionals, particularly doctors, access to a live answering service so that their clients will be able to contact them, mostly for emergency cases. However, anyone, not only physicians, can take advantage of this marketing campaign. Companies must remember that voicemails do not stimulate customers to leave a message. A live operator, on the contrary, is more suitable. It aids business entities to build a healthy relationship with their prospects.

Stating that live answering service is for doctors alone is like saying that cars are only for the aristocrats.

MYTH # 3. All live answering services are similar.
Another intriguing yet absolutely false assumption is that no live answering service is unique. This statement arises a question, are all companies manufacturing shoes the same also? Though, different call centers offer this service, the mechanism, the telemarketer and the interaction between the customer and an agent are all unique from one service provider to another one. Despite standard operations, all call centers customize every transaction.

MYTH # 4. Cheap means low quality.
This issue is the direct contrast of myth number one. Though others dubbed outsourcing telemarketing as a hole in someone’s pocket, some have attached “cheap” together with “low quality” to live answering service by telemarketing firms.

The only way to refute this is to enumerate the number of feats when a firm seeks third parties. First, the demands for telemarketing service providers have not sink down. As a matter of fact, more and more business entities have secured their spots to different contact centers. Second, the outstanding outputs garnered have let client companies to continue outsourcing.