Most Overlooked Facts About Global Youth Underemployment

13 June 0

Work is one of the many things in people’s lives that they often take for granted. They are going to always have the tendency to forget that having work is actually a real blessing, backed by experience, credentials as well as many other elements that factor in employment. All you are going to hear from them are complaints regarding their jobs and this happens frequently. For some people, having a job provides them some sense of pride, security and, most of all, hope. Especially to those who are at a disadvantage with regards to being hired because if their lack of experience, youth, bad record, etc. But even more than that, having work provides them a feeling of self-worth; to know that they have some sort of contribution to society that is positive and this boosts their self-esteem. For others, work is simply the ticket for a brighter future. more from

Unfortunately, there a lot of people who are unlucky as the employment rate in a lot of countries around the world has been steadily declining over the years, especially since the start of the year 2008 global economic meltdown. With this, the chances for employment of the disadvantaged became even slimmer as even those who boast impressive qualifications find themselves out of a job. It is due to the help of the concept of employment charity that the whole situation is not as miserable as it would have been.

Why are young people at a disadvantage when looking for work? There are actually several factors contributing to youth unemployment. To start with, young people who have not had the advantages of education and training lack the guidance, support, and tools that degree holders are privy to. The disadvantaged youth would not even know where to look for employment opportunities. To assist them and other people in a similar predicament is the main thrust of charity employment.

Certainly, the youth are not the only sector to encounter difficulty in finding work. There are many adults – often with entire families to provide for – who can’t seem to find the break that they need to get out of their financial rut. There are organisations that train and encourage the disadvantaged to help them break free of the disheartening pattern of disappointing job searches. With proper coaching, people who encounter many obstacles in finding stable work can increase their chances of landing a good job.