Plantation Shutters-Some Insights

26 December 0

Plantation shutters are only one style of shutters that people buy, but when people think of shutters, the name “Plantation” often comes to mind. Why? Because they are a classic. So what are they? Plantation shutters have a movable louver that allows the shutters to open and close. They are often much wider than traditional shutters which are usually 1 to 1 1/4 inches These shutter louvers can be up to 5 1/2 inches in width. That makes it easier to regulate the view and the light coming in the window. The louvers on Plantation shutters come in two designs, flat and elliptical. The elliptical louver is rounded and tapers towards the ends. That gives it more strength in handling than the flat louver. So if you are going to be opening and closing your shutters often, go with the elliptical. Most manufacturers are making the elliptical styles. They catch less dust and are more pleasing to the eye. Many designers contend that this style of shutter lend a more contemporary feel to a room. Modern homes tend to have larger rooms with large, open windows. These can be hard to drape. In fact, many will require customized draperies and that can get pricey. Besides, drapes hide the architecture of the windows. Shutters do not.Check out the post right here plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters can add value to your home. Not everyone is going to like the pattern or style of your draperies. Styles and patterns change. Like clothes, when it comes to drapes, what is “in” today may be very “out” in a few years. Besides, draperies fade. This style is a classic. They last and last. Everyone’s décor can fit into a room with shutters, whether the room is formal parlor or a comfy den, a home theatre or a home office, a bedroom or a study. A good tip when looking at Plantation shutters is to buy the largest louver possible. The reason is that the larger the louver, the fewer panels are needed. That means the more visibility and light is available. Very large windows can take very large louvers up to 5 1/2 inches without looking out of proportion to the room.

All shutters are what is known as semi-opaque. That means that when closed, they block out most to the light- enough to darken a room. The great thing about shutters is, that like blinds, you can adjust the amount of light that enters the room. That protects your furniture and carpets from fading so quickly. It also can cut down on the energy bills. Unlike blinds, they are more durable. If you have pets or small children, you do not have to worry about the potential hazards of cords. That is a big plus.

One thing to remember when measuring for Plantation shutters is that the louvers are spaced on a half inch narrower than the louver. For example, a 2 1/2 inch louver has a 2 inch spaced center; a 3 1/2 has a 3 inch spaced center, etc. Plantation shutters offer privacy as well as ambience. When thinking about how to dress your windows, go with the classic, easy to maintain Plantation shutters. You won’t regret it.