Points related to Vinyl Flooring Services in Winnipeg

07 May 0

Vinyl has long been a popular choice of flooring material in both residential and commercial spaces. This is because it is durable, easy to clean and comes in many colors and styles. Vinyl will outlast many other flooring options with minimal maintenance on your part. Below are a few tips to maximize the appearance and longevity of your vinyl floor.

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Mop up spills as quickly as possible, just as you would with any other surface. In addition to wiping with a clean, damp cloth, use a floor cleaner to ensure that no bacteria or contaminants remain.

Use only those cleaners that have been recommended by the flooring manufacturer. Other soaps and detergents may be too harsh for vinyl and end up damaging it. Vinyl Flooring Services in Winnipeg is one of the authority sites on this topic.

If you are unable to determine what cleaners your manufacturer recommends, a safe bet is to mix a quart of warm water with one tablespoon of either liquid dish soap or ammonia.

Do not use abrasive scrubbing brushes or a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar as these may scratch your floor.

Rugs or mats with rubber backs can leave permanent stains behind. Opt instead for rugs designed specifically for vinyl floors.

Avoid using products that contain wax or claim to produce “a brilliant shine.” These will actually result in product accumulation on vinyl, leaving your floors with a dull appearance. Most manufacturers or flooring stores can recommend suitable polishers.

Vinyl can tear, so do not slide any furniture or heavy items across it without first laying down a protective sheet or tarp. If you do encounter a large rip, contact a professional flooring specialist to repair it as soon as possible.

Regular vinyl floor cleaning and preventative maintenance will ensure that your bathroom, kitchen or work space remains in top condition for years to come.