Shutters for Small Windows – Important Info

27 May 0

What is it about shutters that holds such broad appeal? It seems as if you ask anyone what their dream window treatment would be, 8 times out of 10 it turns out to be shutters of some sort.

Shutters are different from all other window fashions in many ways but the main distinction is that they are permanent. Of course all window treatments may be removed at any time but because shutters will last as long as the house, they are considered to be a permanent improvement. This is so as banks and other lending institutions allow for the inclusion of shutter purchase and installation as part of the financing agreement for homes. There is no other window treatment which can be financed in this way…so if you ever thought that shutters were unattainable, especially with all of the expenses of moving into a new home, now you know they can be part of your monthly mortgage payment.We get more info on Shutters for Small Windows .

Shutters are furniture for your windows. Choosing a quality shutter treatment means getting one which has attention to joinery details and finish quality. These are exactly the same things you look for when buying a table, sofa, or other furnishings which dress your home. Dovetail joinery, internal structural reinforcements, smooth blemish free and easily maintained surfaces are elements which define a top of the line shutter. When you consider that you will have these for 20 plus years, it only makes sense to choose shutters of quality which will look as good in the future as they did the day they were installed. Timeless is the word to use when describing the style of shutters. They are quiet and unassuming in a room. If chosen with consideration to scale and color, they become a part of the window, blending seamlessly. Shutters are part of the background and as such allow the other decorative elements of the room to come front and center. This is the reason why shutters are loved by many and why they fit into every décor style. Imagine for a moment the most contemporary of interiors with pale blonde furniture and shutters to match…or in a traditional setting such as a home office or study with a Persian rug and leather wing chairs. Shutters accept layering very well so in the future if you want to add draperies and/or valances, they will be perfectly at ease.

Do you have pets? A majority of homes do, we love them as part of our family and couldn’t imagine our lives without them…but, they may scratch draperies, lie up against them, get fur on them, the list goes on. Shutters are the answer for homes with pet issues. They are installed either flush onto the window or inside the window casing, they are infinitely easy to wipe down and keep clean, they don’t attract fur. Shutters are a “no-brainer” for pet loving homes.

How about homes with small children and those homes that may have second story bedrooms? Shutters are an excellent solution here. It’s safety first with children and the cord free aspect of a shutter will eliminate the danger which takes many casualties. Dangling cords from window treatments or even the cords which join blinds or roman shades are the major cause of accidents in homes for children under the age of 7. Shutters also effectively act as a barrier on a second story window thereby reducing the risk of a child tumbling out a window or going through the glass. Kids love to jump on beds and it is not uncommon to have this sort of activity go out of control. It’s easy to see why shutters are my choice for versatility, longevity, performance and value. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that they are simply beautiful. I think you’ll fall in love with them too!