Types of Industrial Wrapping Machinery

17 March 0

Stretch wraps are very useful if not essential to many industries that need such products for many of their applications. The corresponding machines to facilitate such wraps are important to function in the relevant environments that would benefit the businesses.Do you want to learn more? Visit this article.


Hence, the choice of stretch wrap machines is crucial for the proper if not efficient operation for any industry application. The type of machines to be selected for the right operation must be properly evaluated to fit the project. There would be stringent requirements that must be identified to narrow the wrapping machinery choices.

The purchaser should consider the type of load and the quantum of pallets needed to be wrapped. The duration of wrapping by the relevant machines to be selected also plays an important role where demanding customers may have urgent and short timelines.

-Factors of consideration

There are other factors of consideration on the best choice of wrapping machinery; there may be an involvement of capital if contract systems are not considered to activate the purchase as these machines may be quite costly.

Forklifts, pallet jacks or other heavy machineries may need to be considered for delivering the loads to the point of wrapping. This would involve hiring a skilled operator on such machines unless an automatic system is used. This refers to the use of an electrical conveyor which can transport the load to and from the wrapping area.


There are two types of stretch wrapping machines; these are fully automatic and semi-automatic types. Semi-auto wrap machines are excellent for lower volume loads of below 30 loads per hour whereas a fully auto wrap machine is meant for higher volume loads.

There is a distinct difference between these two types of wrapping machinery. Semi-auto wrapping machines need more labor resources; they operate on lower output speeds. There is the turntable or auto stretch wrap machines which make use of a film roll carriage which is attached to a fixed mast. This is an ideal system for generating stable palletized loads.

One of the more popular brands of wrapping machinery is Lantech which has launched its famous Q-Series™ of completely automatic stretch wrap machines. These are designed for high volume loads with the auto conveyor operations.