Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Cleaning for Your Home

17 July 0

Everyone is desperate to clean the house ardently in the winter months. It is quite true that spring-cleaning is a top most priority for so many house owners these days. However, the house owner should follow some upholstery tips for doing some summer cleaning. Curtains can be cleaned easily with a vacuum cleaner. One can use the attachments of the brush or a duster. However, the cleaning option should be set to less suction otherwise the curtain’s fabric can be sucked by the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. It can even be torn in the procedure.from Hanover-Cleaning.com

The upholstery cleaning also needs to be done properly with a vacuum cleaner. The pipe of the cleaner can be easily inserted in the corners of the couch. If your pet has a habit of dosing off or urinating on the sofa, make it a point to use deodorants along with baking soda to remove its odor from the sofa. Let the deodorant remain for a period of 15 minutes. If the odor still remains after using the deodorant, let the latter stay on the sofa for a longer time. Only vacuum the sofa after applying such deodorant. This will remove the odor completely.

There is no need to call a professional cleaner to perform the job all time. This is not quite convenient due to the costs involved. Instead, try to do the job yourself by renting a cleaner. Also, don’t use a steam cleaner with any acidic detergent because both steam and the latter can harm the carpet. Instead, try both on a portion of the carpet which does not get much attention from anyone. Cleaning this portion with steam ensures whether it’s ideal for the rest of the portion on the carpet. If the color of the sofa vanishes after using the steam, don’t use it on the carpet. A steam cleaner also determines the impact of steam on the sofa.